2018-2019 Board Members

Meet the Executive Board


Titan Wibowo.jpg


Titan Wibowo

Oversees all board members and the planning of events. Also provides guidance for the club to stay on the cutting edge.


Carrie Wang.jpg

Vice President and Company Relations

Carrie Wang

Directly overseas all board members. Serves as a liasion between companies and our club to create internship and job opportunities for our club members.


Vishakh Patel.jpg

Meet the Firms Chair

Vishakh Patel

Organizes the Actuarial Science Club's annual career fair, Meet the Firms, and Recruitment Conference for on-campus interviews.


Andrew Dlugos.JPG

Outreach Chair

Andrew Dlugos

Assists in planning field trips as well as professional events to grow club members' skills and interest in actuarial science.


Philip Song.JPG

Company Presentations Chair

Phillip Song

Organizes on-campus company presentations, career-related workshops, and the spring alumni panel event. Works with the CAS University Liasons.


Jaclyn Rachanski.jpg

Social Chair

Jaclyn Rachanski

Coordinates social events within the club to ensure club members have the opportunity to meet their peers outside of the classroom.


Casey Tan.jpg

Publicity Chair

Casey Tan

Maintains website and creates the weekly newsletter sent to all club members.


Kara Wong.jpg

Workshop Chair

Kara Wong

Organizes events that develop club members' communication and technical skills, as well as their professionalism.


Spencer Zhang.JPG


Spencer Zhang

Maintains club attendence records. Keeps detailed records of all club expenditures and prepares budget report.