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Art of Networking with Margaret Milkint


On Tuesday, February 12th, Margaret Milkint visited us to graciously give us her input on the ever changing insurance industry. Her alma mater is our very own University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign  where she earned her degree in English accompanied by a minor in Business. She is currently working for The Jacobson Group, a company that takes care of staffing for executive positions in the insurance industry.

The good new is…we are all getting jobs! Margaret explained how actuarial and analytics talent are in demand. Not only that, but the industry will be more flexible than ever before: we will have the luxury of living and working the way we want with the rise of the “Gig Economy”. It’s going to be all about flexibility in the upcoming years!

The following includes many of the important points that Margaret touched on:


The Future of Work


Best Practices Toolkit: According to Margaret, it is in our best interest to improve and practice the following skills.

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