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Excel at Your Job Workshop with Corrie Proksa


On Monday, February 25th, Corrie Proksa provided a fresh view towards the working world of actuaries. Amongst many of her tips, her experiences that she had shared were very valuable. Knowing what to do in certain professional scenarios can be hard, but learning from the experiences of others can make life a little easier when it comes time to make those decisions yourself.

During this workshop, recent past graduates shared their experiences and some guidance through a compiled video. The alumni offered the following input and advice:


After the alumni shared their opinions, Corrie addressed some of our potential concerns while starting our first job. She also went into detail on what we should do during each step on our first projects.


The most important thing to remember is to know when you should “toot your own horn” and when you should “pat yourself on the back”. Understand that some things may go unacknowledged. However, know the appropriate time to make them acknowledged. Always remember that you will continue to learn and grow throughout your career. After all, that is the beauty of being an actuary :)

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