Study Groups

Study Groups


Learn from your Peers!

Looking for a way to meet your peers, receive help on homework, or just need a quiet place to study? The Actuarial Science Club’s new Study Group Program will provide you with the resources you need to pass your classes and actuarial exams with flying colors!



Class Study Groups

Fill out the form below and provide your name, contact information, and classes that you are taking this semester. ASC will post a spreadsheet providing your peers’ contact information (and add you to a class “GroupMe” for easier communication). You can use this information to easily contact your classmates to form study groups, ask questions regarding assignments, etc.

Spring 2019 Class Study Group Form:

Actuarial Exam Study Groups

Come study for actuarial exams with your peers and/or have any exam-related questions answered by one of our Exam Mentors!
When: 6-8pm, Mondays and Wednesdays
Where: Gregory Hall 113

Link to exam mentor schedule:


Exam Mentor

Joshua Immanuel


Graduation Date: December 2019

Exams you will be tutoring: FM and P

Interests: Cooking and Weight lifting

Why actuarial science? I chose actuarial science because I loved math and I heard it earns a lot of money. A couple of my friends were taking it too, so I thought that I would already have study friends along the way.