Alumni Newsletter

Alumni Newsletter



The Alumni Newsletter is an Actuarial Science Club tradition that connects us with alumni of all generations. This is one of the many ways our club is looking to maintain our relationships with alumni all across the world and to update them on how and what we are doing. In the newsletters, you'll find various articles written by our Actuarial Science club members and faculty about what's been happening in our club, department, and on campus. From now on, we are planning to send out a new issue every semester.


Fall 2018 Edition

We are very proud and excited to share our Fall 2018 Alumni Newsletter with you. Our last issue was released in Spring 2015 so it has been awhile and we are glad that we can bring back this tradition. In the following newsletter you can learn more about our upcoming InsureTech and Actuarial Modernization Symposium, the recent bar closings in the Champaign area, our recent club events, and much more!