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Meet the Firms

This is an opportunity for you to meet firms who are searching for University of Illinois, actuarial talent. Hosted every year, this event allows our members to meet with representatives from firms across the actuarial profession.




Anyone attending Meet the Firms must have the bolded items below completed. 

  1. Resume must be critiqued at the Career Center and form must be turned in to a board member (RSO Complex Cube 10). Resume Critique Form

  2. Club membership fees must be paid no later than TBD

First Hour Policy is the first hour (6pm - 7pm) of MTF. It is only open to students who meet the bolded criteria as well as attended 6 company presentations (Mock MTF counts as a presentation).

No exceptions will be made to any of the policies.

Meet the Firms 2018 Companies List

*Please note the companies with an * next to their sponsorship status have special circumstances in which they allow for sponsorships. For a complete description on what these specific companies provide for their sponsorship descriptions please see a this document.  

meet the firms table.png